Dale Carpenter

CEO | COO | PE Experience Transportation & Logistics

Dale Carpenter.png

A transformational transportation and logistics executive with Fortune 500 experience and entrepreneurial passion for exponentially increasing the valuations of small and mid-market service providers and intermediaries. Provides vision, strategy and a collaborative leadership style with a history of expanding sales channels, building scalable infrastructure, responsive relationships, and a culture of operational excellence that consistently exceeds expectations.



  • Aligned mission, vision and execution of PE owned mid market freight brokerage allowing successful transfer of control. Drove key initiatives empowering employees to drive change, expanding sales channels and increasing scalability through enhanced use of technology to achieve full-market valuation.

  • Lead the transformation of a 90-million-dollar start-up to double in revenue, triple in contribution margin and reduce SG&A as a percentage of sales year over year.

  • Developed a Freight Management service offering for a mid-sized Freight Brokerage that increased revenue by 10%, gross margin by 11%, while generating a 10-15% return on investment for the customer.



 Business Planning | Business Strategy | Customer Relations Management

Operating Budget | Change Management | Financial Forecasting | P&L

Metrics and KPIs | Continuous Improvement | Employee Engagement

Managerial Finance | Team Building | Leadership Development



 Food and Beverage | Consumer Package Goods | Produce | Tobacco

Health and Pharma | Consumer Electronics | Printers and Copiers

Industrial Equipment | Building Products | Print | e-Commerce Final Mile