Todd Aaron

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Passion for building enterprise value at the intersection of financial services & technology - from strategy to execution. Thrives at solving complex challenges that are often messy, thorny situations that aren’t easy to synthesize or execute against – particularly ones that can bring an organization to its knees if innovation & execution aren’t addressed carefully & quickly.  Converts problems into actionable roadmaps that scale high-growth products, services, & relationships into optimum client & employee loyalty that becomes habitual & exclusive. 



  • Grew sales to $60 million, producing 29% year-over-year growth by creating proprietary SaaS platform and integrating off-the-shelf technology products. 

  • Created a $2 million proprietary, multi-channel electronic loan origination and servicing platform that represented the company’s leading points of differentiation.  Led the ideation, program strategy and innovation, project execution, and cross-functional alignment which processed 3,500 electronic credit applications in peak weeks and 640,000 total credit applications.

  • Increased assets from $10 to $47 million through technology enabled services. Reduced costs by 45% and improved cash flow by 51%.  Re-engineered all non-automatic functions into a consolidated electronic assembly line that eliminated friction points and drove error rates to zero. Recast the company as a differentiated analytics and wide-moat capital provider. Improved client retention by embedding the firm’s SaaS platform into merchants’ ERP systems. 

  • Engineered multiple computer algorithms enabling instant credit approval and turn-down decisions in excess of $100 million of loans.  Expanded sales to $1.2 million per week, scaling the business to 24/7 credit granting, while standardizing and stratifying credit risk.



Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence & Platforms, Business Process Re-Engineering, E-Commerce, Data Analytics, Innovation, Business Process Automation, Consumer & Commercial Finance, Credit Risk.


Fintech, Financial Services, Credit & Underwriting, Risk Management, Governance, Technology, Software Development, Large Project and Program Execution.